Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Ooops.. August Quote week!

Darn it I am so sorry guys! 
Jen sent me the quote to post and I missed it as I pick up mail on my phone and it doesn't always translate properly!!

Still some hectic days here so I haven't peeked at everyone's 'times changing' posts I asked you for last week.. my house PC is still out of action with the wait on the kitchen reshuffle.. so bear with me.. here's Lynne! 

Well here we are at the end of August and it is my week again.
As I write this I still have to blog my nostalgia week for lovely Kathi.
I think having to be indoors and to search for photos rather stops me blogging whilst this lovely weather is here, so sorry that I will be a last minute Charlie this week.

Here is the quote for this week.

“When you photograph people in colour you photograph their clothes. But when you photograph people in Black and White you photograph their souls” Ted Grant

Edward "Ted" Grant was a South African Trotskyist who spent most of his adult life in Britain. He was a founding member of the Militant tendency and later Socialist Appeal.
BornJuly 9, 1913, Germiston, South Africa
DiedJuly 20, 2006, London

This week I would like you to concentrate on taking photos of people, first in colour and then changing the photo into B&W with your camera setting or using a photo programme if you can.
Show us your results.

If you don’t have a programme on your computer, try downloading free Picasa  http://picasa.download1b.com/. I prefer this to adobe myself, so easy to use.

Have a lovely week snapping people you know and don’t know, get your camera/phone out daily

Lynne xx


  1. Oh, dear Lynne!
    I am very happy for your new theme and quote this week.
    /Thank you, dear KathiJo!
    Yesterday I checked here, but no new assignment./
    Dear ladies, after three week gallop - first to the White Sea / Aegean / and then to the Black Sea, I'm home again and will take part in the greatest challenge for 2013 -
    " Lucky Snapping in 2013 " !

    1. Welcome back Borqna I was missing you and about to try and email you! Happy hols eh?

  2. Thank you Kathi for finding it and putting it on for me and for Anne as well for yesterday xxx