Monday, 26 August 2013

Just passing by

Hello everybody,

I don't know if we got badly organized, but I noticed there is no upload for today, so let's get a last minute challenge, that can be replaced anytime by something else !

This week, I propose we take 2 pictures a day. The topic is free, but there are some rules:

Out of the 2 photos each day, one must be black & white and one in color  and one must be of a human (or pet) and the other one must be taken outside.

You can mix as you want.

Take care everybody and have a great Bank Holiday,

Anne xxx


  1. Hi Anne sent my quotation page to Jenni last week and as she was too busy to do it this weekend she sent it on to Kathi (on Sat I think!!) I am unable to upload onto here each month :(

    Interestingly my quote and photo challenge was to be in black and white!!

    Thank you for passing through and sorting something out, not sure what has happened to Kathi!

    1. Hi Lynne,
      yes I thought it was your week, but I've been out so much, that I thought may be something else had been arranged or not arranged. I am sure Kathi will upload your challenge soon, she probably forgot because it's Bank Holidays.
      Mine is just as I said "passing by" so we would have at least one thing but it can disappear any time ! xxx

    2. Thank you, it is so similar that it can merge into one week :)

  2. Interesting. I'm going to enjoy this

  3. Oh my goodness.. all done now.. sorry guys! Well hopefully some won't notice what with the holiday and all that!
    ;-) Loves to you all
    Kathi xx