Monday, 30 September 2013

The View Challenge: October

Hello Lucky Snappers.

Thank you to Anne and Kathi and Lynne for having my back and posting when I couldn't. Opening the new store has been all consuming and I have been unable to be a real person, I have not looked after my children properly myself, have had my Mum do it for me. My first priority has been to get back to them and then my friends and now getting back to a bit of normal! I think it will still consume me for another 4 weeks and then hopefully back to a normal operation. I sure miss my part-time work and feel very sad that I couldn't afford to stay part-time. Hey-ho, make the best of what you have, are and can be.

On top of the new store drama, we have had a new kitchen installed at home and it has been a disaster with timing, what was promised to be a 6 day job stretching to 8 days has taken a month! So I have been dealing with a new store and myriad refrigeration problems and also chaos at home. It has been a very trying time and I am so relieved that it is all coming together now, but I can see it being another 4 weeks of difficulty.

Anyway, let's see your view please. I am posting this from work as again there was a refrigeration problem and I have had 3 hours sleep! I will post the linky tonight when I get home, if I get home lol xxx

Thanks Anne for posting the linky, I didn't get home until late and really only enough energy for bed. I now have to go early again this morning...when will it settle down???!!! Lol, my deputy is back from his holiday now so we have a few days and then my holiday, thank goodness.

Here is a couple of shots from the coast path, I was so tired that day that we just walked to the coast path and enjoyed the views. This is at Morte Point Lighthouse.



Monday, 23 September 2013

Lynne's Challenge : Quote for September

Like everyone else life seems to be very busy and we are off on holiday next week so I have sent this to Anne a week early. I am still doing here letters photos and nicknames, must get that finished before Sunday!

Here is this month’s quote, do watch the youtube. Only a couple of minutes!

“Love is Like a friendship caught on fire”   by Bruce Lee

What is important to you in a friendship?

Tell us this week about some friendships that have grown over the years.
About friends you have lost touch with and why?

During the week take photos of some things you have been doing or something that you found interesting.

Take care and much love

Lynne xx

Monday, 16 September 2013

September Nostalgia..

It's my birthday in September and I started school just a few days before I was five years old. Straight in, full days and no part-time / nursery places like the children do today.

Well my 5th birthday was on the first Friday so off I went to school, party afterwards, or maybe the next day and a whole day on the Sunday to play with my presents.  'Cushtie' as DelBoy would say!  School cracked and a birthday under my belt.

Ahaha, not so simple for my Mum. 

Come Monday Morning the taxi for our school run arrived to collect us from the little spot just near our house and all hell broke loose: 
I was NOT going to School, 
I had been already (last week), 
I had lots more playing with the birthday toys to do.... 

...who ever said that school business was more than two or even three days until your birthday??

Needless to say I was bundled in the taxi, there was no option, no car at home to take me when I got over it. My cousin Neil looked after me and I suppose I got over it, as little kids do when they throw a screamer.  Dear Neil, he told the teacher about it at lunchtime and I was quite embarrassed when she called me to come chat to her and talk about why I didn't want to go to school.. that was almost as painful as the going in the taxi hours earlier! 

Mind you , that infant teacher was divine.. Miss Morley, she had the blackest hair and looked like she should have dated a pop star, definitely smelt great and had a long lasting effect on my school days.. yes I grew to like it (I didn't find it hard going) and teachers definitely had lasting influences on my choices.

Soooo.. Lucky Snappers..tell us your School day Stories..

Have you had tears and tantrums with your youngsters?

What has changed so much from when you were at school?

I am away in the States all week this week so I am being efficient and scheduling this..hope you are all well and I will peek and comment if I can during the week or when I get back.

Love to you all

Kathi xx

Monday, 9 September 2013

Let's reflect Challenge : September

Hello everybody,

don't we have a gorgeous weather this summer ?  

Sunshine, sunshine and again sunshine.

The only week it rained was the one I was on holidays, LOL. Ah it didn't matter (too much), we still had a lot of fun.

Well, actually preparing my posts in advance as always, the weather has kind of changed now, must cooler and humid. It has been pouring down yesterday.

Let's continue our little trip through the word LINING. Today we reached the letter N and the word I chose will probably surprise you. I selected it because it's a fun word, mostly very affectionate and caring and also it will give us an occasion to learn a bit more about each other again. 

Our word this month is : 


According to our Friend Google  :

Nickname  : A familiar or humorous name given to a person or thing instead of or as well as the real name.

So may be you are going to be brave and tell us your nickname or the one you had when you were young, or may be you will do so for your partner, your kids, your pets, or something that belongs to you, like your car, or a piece of garment, or your first toy . . . the choice is yours.

This week, we are going to surprise each other with these stupid silly names that normally hardly make sense to anybody excepted to the person who gave it or received it but one thing I am convinced of, it's going to be fun.

Let me be the first and reveal some of my deep secrets. I will start with my step kids. When I first met David, he was 5 and a bit and I immediately nicknamed him "Einstein", I really don't know why. He of course immediately asked who Einstein was, LOL and after a long explanation, he was pretty pleased with the comparison. This nickname followed him until he was 18 or so.

As of Sophie, she was around 4 when I met her, cute as a bug and she received the nickname "Little Monkey". She was always moving quickly and smiling at me like she was up to some secret nonsense.  

During the week, I will tell you about the other nicknames which crossed my path. . . 

If you have a bit more spare time and would like a photo challenge, here we are: This week, take photos of things or people whose names only start with one of the letters we already used in this challenge : S, I, L, V, E, R or N. There are 7 letters for 7 days. You can do in any order you want.

My first photo is with R (for Rhea)

Take care everybody, Anne xxx

Monday, 2 September 2013

September Views

I think poor Jen has probably not been able to peep out from under the load of supermarket offers and back to school demands this weekend so I will just drop this note in until she can pop in.

If everyone can have their thinking caps on and get snapping those Views, it is getting a little autumnal now and that fabulous sunset last night was something to behold, I think most of the country saw it!

This is the line from Jen's chosen poem so if you have views which fit this theme then all the better..

Warm September brings the fruit
sportsmen then begin to shoot..

Love to all.. and here's my Window view from last night!

I will let Jen check in and we will set the link later..

Kathi xxx

That's what team members are all about, Kathi !!!
I don't manage to put this annoying link text on the left, but at least you can link your photos now. Anne xxx