Monday, 2 September 2013

September Views

I think poor Jen has probably not been able to peep out from under the load of supermarket offers and back to school demands this weekend so I will just drop this note in until she can pop in.

If everyone can have their thinking caps on and get snapping those Views, it is getting a little autumnal now and that fabulous sunset last night was something to behold, I think most of the country saw it!

This is the line from Jen's chosen poem so if you have views which fit this theme then all the better..

Warm September brings the fruit
sportsmen then begin to shoot..

Love to all.. and here's my Window view from last night!

I will let Jen check in and we will set the link later..

Kathi xxx

That's what team members are all about, Kathi !!!
I don't manage to put this annoying link text on the left, but at least you can link your photos now. Anne xxx


  1. Thank you so much for this post, dear KathiJo !
    I had to look at the calendar too - yes, this really is the Jennie's week - not "4 + " as I was thinking this morning.
    Beautiful view - sunset. Red sky at us means - strong morning wind.
    Let us have a successful new week!

  2. Thanks Kathi for doing this for Jenn.xx
    We too had the same sky last night, wasn't it wondeful!

  3. 'Team work Sam, Team work'
    i think that was a phrase from an old PG Tips monkeys tea ad.. wasn't it..or am I the only one who recalls that phrase.. thanks all Kathi xx

  4. We also had the same sky and I forgot to take a photo. Thanks Kathijo for keeping us going. It is great to see you all helping each other out.

  5. I am a month behind with my view due to a lost photo, but my photo was taken today it just represents August!!! If you get my drift. lol xx

  6. Beautiful sunset. I'm afraid it didn't make it all the way to my house! LOL