Monday 12 August 2013

Let's reflect challenge : August

Hello everybody,

If everything went to plan, we are currently on holidays,  on our way to pick up our camper van where we will spend a week for the first time with hubby and the girls. I doubt I will find any Internet connection and I probably will have to wait for the week-end to see what you have been up to, but I will do my best.

Isn’t summer lovely? We had sunshine more than we could dream of having, we got some rain to cool off a bit and water our gardens and now we are back to full power hot ( well at least at the time I am preparing this ).

A couple of weeks ago I spent the week-end in Wales to see my father in law and celebrate my brother in law birthday. The week-end was lovely, the kids were with us and played with their cousins. We tried knifes throwing and archery on balloons. It was a “without work” week-end, what is pretty seldom for Dennis and I and it made us realize that sometimes we need to let go and if something is delayed, then so be it.

I chose our word this week, based on that nice experience and the word is :


If you don’t know what it means, here are some synonyms : insignificant – unimportant.

To be happy and enjoy the moment, we sometimes need to let go of what we think we need to do but in fact is totally irrelevant at the current moment and choose to do something else, much more enjoyable.

I would like us to concentrate on the little ( or big ) things that annoy us and come between us and our happiness, the little things that we make so big but are in fact so small and we can forget so quickly.

This week, take a picture of all that you don’t do and leave for later and what you replaced it with.

Show us the dust you can write on, the car that really needs a body wash, the pile of ironing, the jungle developing in your garden . . . and in comparison the relaxing lunch, the playing with the kids, the afternoon spent crafting . . .

Let me be first on the wall of fame (shame). This is what decorates my landing's floor and honestly I really should have ordered the mess this afternoon but instead . . .

. . . I chose to go and visit my friend's new kitten.

Meet Kiki. Isn't she to melt ?

Ah . . . This week let’s be naughty and let’s enjoy it like there's no tomorrow. 

What should have you done and what have you done instead ?

Oh and if you would like to have an additional small photo challenge and make it a bit of a game at the same time, I propose you take a picture of something or someone, whose name starts with the same letter as the current day :

M for Monday
T for Tuesday
W for wednesday
T for Thursday
F for Friday
S for Saturday and 
S for Sunday

See you then and take care everybody, 

Anne xxx


  1. Have a lovely holiday with Dennis and the girls xx

    Thank you for this week's challenge, not sure if I want to show the darker side of my secret life...the lazy me LOL!!!

  2. This is quite a challenge, my house is a tip at the moment and do I really want to photograph it? Why not? I tell myself I'm not proud.

  3. Dear Anne & ladies,
    I've just finished my posts.
    Thanks for the great theme - really, there wasn't internet can sometimes be ... Irrelevant.
    We are together in this challenge - in our thoughts and hearts!