Monday, 19 August 2013

Nostalgia : How things change..

Hi everyone, week 3 again, time for some Nostalgia and I have a confession to make! 

In the furore which is my building work and untidiness in our living rooms I have mislaid (no, not lost, just can't find it 'at the moment') the list of my subjects for each month, so we are winging it here..I was going to ask you about a special place or person but i think we have kind of covered that in some of the other months..

I was wondering what jobs people have had and how they have changed over the years?

What jobs did your parents do, maybe jobs which are now defunct or would be done very differently now?  How did jobs affect family life and how you grew up, what it made you want or dream for yourself?

I am sure we all have odd stories to tell..hope so!

I will try and pop in during the week with some extra thoughts, but if you would like to expand on this perhaps you could write a bit each day :

  • your parents' jobs, how life has changed
  • your first job, the mistakes you made!
  • your best job
  • the dream job you wish you had
  • the worst job you ever had

.. and if you feel a little low on inspiration tell us about someone else's amazing job story, share some stories..

happy job hunting!

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  1. Thank you Kathi for this week sorry you have lost your list LOL!! This topic is fine :) xx

  2. Sorry my entry isn't about a job but it is about how things have changed!

  3. That's a fun topic Kathy, thanks ! Of course you temporarily mislaid the list, a woman never loses anything. xxx

  4. I know what you mean about "mislaying" things with building work. I am constantly looking around for things at the moment.

  5. Thanks Kathi for this week. It has made me remember things I had forgotten.