Thursday, 8 August 2013


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Well 'hoist by my own petard' I should never have included time as a prompt as it has clear run away from me. I started back to work with a 3am alarm call, staggering back in at 6pm to get some dinner, hug the kids and go to bed. I had the induction today so all my new staff are on board. So exciting to see them all, of course, north devon being a small place, some of them knew each other so that was good. I opened another store a few years back and we managed to recruit and ex-husband and wife on the same dept and they were very hostile, unfortunately it was the deli department with all the knives. We were a bit worried, but he decided he could not work with her and we found him another position in a different store!

So my apologies for not joining in so far! I am training in a store which is a 4 hour round trip most of this week so not really time for much else!

I have loved seeing all your entries this week so far and I am day off on saturday so will catch up again then =)

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  1. Wow Jennie, you are mega busy. Take care.