Friday, 8 March 2013

The View Challenge: Additional Prompt | Neighbourhood

Hello Again.
Are you taking a photo of your neighbourhood? If so, it's that time again to take a photo.
I am away at the moment so I will join in at the weekend once I am home.
As a reminder though this was my February entry.
I am hoping there will be some daffodils this month.
Don't forget if you want to take one of the other views the linky stays up;
A recap - you can take a photo of:
 one of your favourite views;
one from your kitchen window/house;
one from your neighbourhood
or of course all three
and there are sketch layouts if you fancy scrapping any of them. 


  1. Thanks Jen, v. Busy just now so likely to be absent a bit over the next few weeks, but back in April

  2. Ok Janice, I hope to see you then.

  3. Replies
    1. I'm not sure Helen. I didn't like to email or text her and I haven't heard.

  4. I'm feeling a lot better now so I would like to do a week some time for us. I've got one or two ideas now.

    1. Great idea, dear Viv!
      I will be very happy of your challenge! I can not wait for this!