Sunday, 24 March 2013

5 things: revelations & celebrity!

Well haven't we learnt such a lot about each other!!

I am always interested to hear about other people's lives and experiences and I am sure Karen's dropping into conversation that she was Linen Maid to the Queen Mother here!! is our blog equivalent of a tabloid scoop!  And Alison, how nice that my teacher story prompted you to say hello and thanks to your teacher too. 

Thanks everyone for your nostalgia moments, it really is lovely. I need to get by and say hi to everyone as it's been a busy week and I haven't quite been on the ball with comments.

I have some more bits to add over on my blog, but thought I would add a last Sunday prompt in case you all have a good story we should hear...

...can you tell us about your almost five minutes of fame, or your brush with a celebrity..

here's a hint of mine..

I'll see you this evening, looking forward to our quote next to all..K xx


  1. I have blogged for today but just to tell you that aged 6/7yrs The Queen as Princess Elizabeth came to our town and I have a photo (somewhere) as a petal girl along with many other school girls curtseying as she passed by on a piece of land called the Central Ground in the town centre (now our shopping centre)!!
    Thank you Kathy for this week xxx

  2. I had fun thinking about your prompt this week. I am intrigued that out of my blog readers 2 of them know of people with webbed feet, must be less odd than I thought!

    A celebrity, well I will have to think of that but the one that first came to mind was seeing Terry Nutkins in Barnstaple high street when I was about 12! It has stuck in the mind. He didn't have the seal with him sadly lol xxx

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