Monday 25 March 2013

The March Quotation

March week 4 Quotation week

Hi everyone gosh where did the last 3 weeks go?

Thanks to Kathi for her week on Nostalgia – letting us find out more about each other.  I have loved finding out more about each of you!
Gosh what a phenomenal memory Kathi has!  How amazing that both Kathi and Anne had been influenced by teachers and how similar their stories were!
I really struggled at first; Like Karen I thought I had no facts to tell you that you didn’t know already and that it would not be interesting to read.  Once again I was amazed at what I finally blogged about myself!

This month my quote comes from a movie (might as well use the American word!) titled ‘Ferris Bueller’s Day Off’ made in 1986.

“ Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it” 

In the film a very young Matthew Broderick plays Ferris Bueller a Chicago high school student who takes a day off school with his girl friend and best friend.  Here is a very short bit of the film on you tube.

This week I want to to use this quote.
1.Tell us how busy is your life this week? What are you up to?
2.Look around to see that you could have missed? Take some photos and show us

I will leave you with another Ferris Bueller quote from the same film, which incidentally I have never seen!

The question isn’t “what are we going to do”, the question is “what aren’t we going to do”

I will say Happy Easter to you all, as this is Easter week. Be careful to avoid those chocolate eggs, they are apt to fall into your trolleys when you aren’t looking!!

Have a good week

Lynne xxxx


  1. lol very fitting for me as I was just thinking what is happening this week and wondering if I would get chance to do any blogging!!!!
    Thanks x

    1. I hope you do Karen as I really enjoy your blogging but especially your great photo shots!! Looking forward to what you snap as you nearly miss it this week!! xx

  2. As it happens, that film is on TV tonight, Film 4 at 7pm. We are recording it to watch at a later date.
    Joy xx

    1. Fantastic!! That was well planned by me LOL!!
      Looking forward to your blog introducing Spencer soon :) xxx

  3. oh no, I am too early , no linky :(

    1. Off to look Helen,you were quick off the mark!!
      I will have to think...never do before Monday on my week, so with you all :)

  4. How busy I am this week Lynne ? Just managed to have a look at your challenge at 14:19 , LOL ! That's a great challenge and sooooo true for me !
    BTW. just added your email on the blog so you can get comments and Kathi can have a break.

    1. Thank you got the emails! Look forward to finding up what you are busy doing and what you might have missed LOL!!
      When doyour parents arrive,birthday soon?

    2. Beginning of June, long time to go, still !

  5. thanks Anne, i never did master that bit..don't suppose you can add the linky bit in could you? Nice challenge Lynne, you find some really interesting quotes.. x

    1. Lucky I was just passing by. Done !

    2. Thank you Kathi look forward to what you come up with this week whilst you are busy :)

  6. Fantastic!
    You still managed to provoke us. I like it!

  7. Will definitely be doing this one now I'm back from my holiday.

  8. Happy Easter to those who are celebrating now!
    / Here in Bulgaria our Easter will be 5th May./
    Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  9. Welcome back Janice xx
    Thank you everyone for taking part in my challenge especially the busy ones finding time to stop and look around :)

    Karen sorry we had to see your car damaged this week :( Can it be repaired?

    Vivienne hope Wednesday will be the 1st step toyour health improving? Take care xx

    Anne hope your girls get better soon xx

    See you all in 4 weeks time xx