Wednesday, 20 March 2013

5 things... An Influential person?

Hey, I hope you are enjoying wondering what to share with us. I probably tell far too much without being asked so maybe it is harder for us chatty people to tell some unknown facts, so here's an extra prompt for your Wednesday..

...looking back, maybe to last week, last year or way back to your teens or before..

.....can you tell us about a person who was a big influence on you. 

Maybe it was someone who you knew for ages, who taught you, or lived close to you....a family member or a friend..

or maybe it was just someone you knew for a short time, something a kindly stranger said to you which changed the way you thought about something or someone .

.. or was it a famous person who shaped your teenage style.. go George Michael / Madonna / Twiggy!!

Just a thought.. I have someone, I will tell you over at my blog this evening...see you later..K x

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