Wednesday, 6 March 2013

The View Challenge | Additional Prompt - Kitchen Window

As I mentioned yesterday I am at our scrapbooking retreat and so I have a different view out of our kitchen window this week. One of my favourite views of the year, the back garden at our regular retreat house in Olney, Bucks.
(That definitely isn't a fruit bowl full of chocolate, nooooo way)
This year the snowdrops are late so we have had their full effect and we have also seen the crocus display begin and go into full display yesterday. I should have taken the photo yesterday as the sun was out but hey-ho.

So, if you can take your photo from your kitchen window, back door, front door, whichever gives you a view. Please remember too that you do not have to take it this week if you don't want to or get chance you can take them anytime this month :)