Monday, 11 March 2013

Let's reflect - March

Hi everybody,

last year I couldn't wait for 2012 to finish and 2013 to start. 

Now that we are in 2013, even only in March there is already so much hard stuff going on. May be taking one day at a time should be a better approach than waiting for 2014, LOL.

So . . .  ready for your monthly brainstorm with me ?

This week is going to be an easy one ( thanks God for my poor brain). After Serendipity and Impossible, our word for March is

What makes me laugh the most are other people laughing, (even if they laugh for no reason), as it seems contagious, that's the case of the video one below. I think I had it on my blog a while ago so some of you might have already seen it, although I have seen it hundreds of time and I still laugh.

I also like the situations I can identify with. That's the case for this video below, I first saw it in 1997 when I was living in Taiwan. I never went to that extreme, but I had a good start.

Laugh is excellent in many ways. It makes you feel close to other people, it relaxes you, it creates unforgettable memories, it helps building these deep wrinkles around your mouth 
( OK may be that's not so excellent actually, but it's a living proof you laugh a lot ), it makes you feel alive and happy. 

Laughing is what a baby does most of the time. It's only when we become adults, that we seem to laugh less,  although that's certainly not true for everybody, as I can see in my mind a couple of you giggling all day. Well if you don't laugh much, then we are going to try and change that, at least for this week.

So . . .  How often do you laugh, what makes you laugh, confess all the silly things you laugh about and if you have videos or photos to share, please upload them below.

This week is going to be pure fun, so have a great one and remember to laugh, it's said to be the best medicine to any kind of problem. ( Note to self : Make sure you do yourself what you recommend to others . . . ).

Take care everybody, Anne xxx


  1. Good to hear from you Anne, I hope you are managing ok.

    Great challenge and I already have just the thing in

  2. Hi Anne good to hear from you. We have all been wondering how things were with Rhea and I wondered if there was bad news though no news should be good news eh?

    Thank you for this challenge even if you aren't feeling like laughing your self, Off to watch the video clips now:)

    Take care and love xxxx

  3. Hi Anne, a lovely welcome back for me as I have been AWOL from blogging almost two weeks too.. I like laughing, we seemt o do it a lot more now than in some periods of our lives, Col says you should laugh every day..
    ... hope you are doing okay and we all look forward to reading your news again soon.. xxx

  4. good to see you Anne, hope things are ok for you... I have just the thing for laugh

  5. A big hello and thank you to you 4. I will try to update my blog later. No much news for Rhea yet, still waiting for the specialist to come back. She is doing a bit better though. xxxx

  6. Good to see you Anne!
    I hope things are ok for you!
    Thank you for this challenge - LAUGH - You always know what we need!
    I just participated - a prelude.
    Have a nice day!

    1. Have a good day too Borqna. Looks like we all need a good laugh this week !