Monday, 28 January 2013

All the colours...

...of the RAINBOW

Hello, Janice aka Serial Crafter waving to you from a very snowy Scotland!  It's my turn to create some prompts for your Lucky Snapping in 2013 week.  I thought I'd take us back to our original 365 roots and provide some photo prompts.  You can use old photos or take them as you go, you can post every day or have a round up of your week's photos, it's entirely up to you.

I've been thinking about the prompts I could give you.  I was reading my book the other night and in it there is a character who is very fond of using Mnemonics to remember different facts, it struck me that this would be ideal for a photo prompt.    One of the best known of these is Richard of York gave Battle in Vain which is used to help remember the colours of the spectrum as seen in a rainbowThere are seven colours, one for each day!


Apologies to non-native English speakers, but I know you like to learn new things!

We had a heavy snowfall yesterday, about 4 inches (10cm).  We had to cancel our appointments in town because the country roads were not clearHowever, the sun came out and it was the perfect opportunity to take photographs.  This is my RED glove on the snow.

 Last weekend I made marmalade with Seville oranges, I love the sharpness of homemade marmalade and the glowing ORANGE colour too.
 You can see the depth of the snow on top of our roller which, fortuitously, happens to be YELLOW.  We use the roller in the spring to make sure there are no stones or raised earth that would contaminate the silage or hay crop, it also compact the soil which makes the grass have to work harder and become stronger.
 It may not be obvious what this is!  It's a pile of sandstone slabs and troughs piled up behind the hedge and covered with snow.  The sandstone is the perfect base for lichen to grow and gives them a GREEN tinge.
 I deliberately went back and took this view that I photographed last week to show the snowy covering.  The sky is a beautiful 'sky BLUE'.

INDIGO is a tricky colour to define, it should probably be a little more purply but this was a close as I could find, that deep blue is such a contrast to the snow overhanging the gutters on our house.

 I couldn't find anything outside that was VIOLET so am showing you my hat. It's the one I wear going to work on cold days, it combines two of my favourite colours, teal and violet.

Add your photographs to the Linky and I'll vist your blog to comment as soon as I possibly can. 


  1. That is a fantastic challenge Janice, I am going to try and get one each day :)

  2. looks great, will get my thinking cap on :)

  3. Great challenge, just need to remember it now :) x

  4. I'm in on this one, although I always have problems with indigo and violet. Thanks Janice,
    Joy xx

  5. Thank you Janice, great photo challenge this week xxx

  6. Beautiful challenge Janice and so different. Love it ! xxx

  7. Great photo challenge! Thank you Janice!

  8. Thank you. I look forward to seeing your photographs.

  9. Walking home form school today (before I saw this post) I was wondering what the prompt would be this week and started thinking of how you could use the colours of the rainbow. Great minds think alike. I'm looking forward to doing this one. Thanks

  10. Wow what a wonderful post and challenge. I am really looking forward to it and I am expecting some trouble with capturing a nice shade of violet - I've made lots of violet jewellery in the past and most of "violent" photos were horrible. I love the challenge! Have a nice colourful week!

  11. For Kim's blog - use it:

  12. Great challenge Janice. I'm going to really enjoy how I'm going to find my colours

  13. I agree! It will be nice to go back to our one a day prompt, though I reckon I''ll still be playing catch up! ;-)

  14. Great pictures. I love seeing what it looks like where everyone lives. Your marmalade looks really yummy. I have made grape jelly but have never attempted a marmalade. This is going to be a fun challenge. Thank you for coming up with it.

    1. Thanks Joy, look forward to seeing your pictures.

  15. I'm sorry, I'm really am struggling with Picassa downloading. Can you get rid of the first post I made for today

  16. For my blue image - in Bulgaria we accept this color for blue.
    Please wait for my next picture, you will see the difference.
    My mother found a photo album of my childhood. I will work these days for weeks 3 and 4.

  17. I'm so pleased with the way this challenge has taken your interest. Thank you all for your lovely photos so far. I hope I've managed to get round everyone tonight and I look forward to the last few in the next couple of days.

  18. way behind this week, will get around to commenting on everyone's posts asap. Thanks for the challenge Janice. xx