Sunday, 27 January 2013

End of the week...

My week is finally over today and it seems that all of you had a chance to reflect and think about what makes you happy? are you busy? how demanding are you? Some interesting thoughts and answers were blogged. Thank you for sharing them. 

It didn’t create a lot of photos but it seems to have got us blogging more. Some great snow pictures from you all, I hope we won’t be seeing flood pictures next!

It was lovely to see our newcomers April, Joyce and Karen continuing this challenge and letting us get to know them more too. Sorry Joyce that you are having a problem uploading after your first photo. I too tried again yesterday and was unable to link a second photo either!  Kim sadly none of us are able to get permission to see your blog except I think Anne.

We will all look forward to celebrating Joyce’s retirement on Thursday 31st and following with great interest her new life ahead on her blog. xxx and seeing baby Annabelle change over the months xxx

I am thinking of having a page in my album on my answers to those questions with maybe a photo from this week. It might even become a scrapping LO!
I will look forward to anything else you come up with too, please share it.

Thank you for joining me this week and I hope like me you are looking forward to……Janice’s challenge for next week, check back tomorrow!

Edit from Jen:-  A massive thank you to Lynne, fabulous challenge, I do hope you will come back with more quote inspiration next month. I have had a sneak peak at Janice's and it looks great! Also on the question of not being able to upload more than one photo I will have a look and see if I can work it out later today and pop back in if I suss it out :)
Thanks again Lynne, I have done my layout and got my photos and will get uploading tonight.


  1. Jeni Anne is right, you have to have blogged a new post to add another link, I have just done it a few mins ago

  2. Thanks Lynnfor this week. It certainly got my braincells creaking.