Sunday, 20 January 2013

January Nostalgia Challenge: Update.

Just a last-day-thank-you to everyone for such lovely support and stories this week in our Nostalgia : New Beginnings challenge. Haven't we all done well?  From following the (we-know-the-end-but-are-still-on-tenderhooks) tale of when Lynne met Peter to everyone's individual snow stories, now and then, we have really taken up the baton and run!
And of course what bigger new beginning for me than welcoming my new grand-daughter to our family, a little peach.. x

And how kind of the snow to make an appearance so most of us can offer a snow in January picture for Jen's week!  I just had to add in this very old picture of my big brother in the snow where I grew up.. it was so close to the sea it was a very unusual event, I think this was in 1962 perhaps even the late 50's.

It has been so nice too to welcome some new names and faces, Joy, Karen, Ike, Suzy, I don't think I have missed anyone... oh yes, I think April is almost there with hers! (shouts... Aprrrriiiiillllll!!!)  Tell your friends about the challenge if they like a bit of a blog and a chat and the odd bit of scrapbooking and photography thrown in.  With only one challenge a week it's not so hard to catch up..

Next week Lynne is hosting the challenge.. and I have no idea where it will take us.. cooking maybe, or a clever wordy challenge from our retired teacher?  Check in tomorrow to see what she has planned for us... and I will be back on week 3 of February with some more Nostalgia prodding and poking! ;-)

If you have done any layouts or some other way of recording the challenge feel free to post it here:

lots of love to you all..wrap up's getting chillier, even in Cornwall!

Kathi x


  1. 1963 was the year when there was massive snowfall all over the country and after watching Winterwatch last night, I think 1959 as well. Thanks for a great challenge have really enjoyed it and look forward to next month.

  2. Thanks for the welcome, I'll join in next week, when I know a bot more about whats going on,
    Joy xx

  3. Thanks kathi for this week's challenge, I really came out of my comfort zone with nostalgia new beginnings and today will be a photo from 1963 and 1983 for lots of snow!!!

    Now I am nervous about tomorrow LOL!!

  4. Kathi. Thanks so much for this challenge. Another week I've really enjoyed.
    I've finally got my photos out of the loft so I'm looking forward to posting them over the year

  5. Thank you for a fun challenge, Kathi ! I really enjoyed it xxx

  6. Thanks Kathi for the challenge and making me think!!! xx

  7. Thanks everyone, I have added the Linky Tool and it is open til the end of Feb if you do start a book or just do single layouts...x

  8. It has been brilliant this week and rounded off so nicely with that great photo of you big bruv :)

    Did April hear you lol xxx

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  10. I heard the shout out just forgot to get linked lol ....... Linked in now though hehe :)
    Early start half seven to get my January brings snow picture too!!Think I'm becoming a blogger!! xxxxxxxx