Tuesday 15 January 2013

Nostalgia Challenge: New Beginnings...Update!

Well here I am, hosting my first Week 3 of the Lucky Snapping in 2013 challenge. .  When we first started talking about a new challenge to keep us all in touch after 365+1 I don't think we envisaged it turning out quite such a varied and exciting plan.
 I think the whole thing is going really nicely, people are popping in and out and the themes are bringing up some really great thoughts and moments, not to mention photos.. which when we started was what it was all about!
I came to blogging about five years ago as a way to pad out the information about the pictures I was scrapbooking. (well I know there is always hidden journalling, but I always have way too much to say on a little tag.. as you know!)
At the time my dear Mum had been suffering confusion and memory loss associated with health issues and I had difficulty realising that she was forgetting lots of things we had experienced together when I was young.  Having recently had a grandchild of my own I kind of felt the need to put fingers to the keyboard (as opposed to pen to paper) so that some of my own memories would be there should the family ever want to know what the day to day life was like 'when you were young Nannie'
Sometimes I found myself blogging about an item I had found amongst old photos, or a photo had been enlarged to really show the emotions of the day.
Other times a song on the radio or a comment I made had transported me right back to the days when my Mum had said the same to me.  You know, a song from your teenage years or the odd 'It'll end in tears' comment!
In the same way I documented more of the normal .. Sunday afternoons barbecueing, the baby in Costa with a big mug of coffee, no 2's first bath in my tiny bathroom basin..all little moments which if not documented might be less well remembered  in the future.
So, for my challenge I am going to see what it is that takes you back, or what will take you back when you look at this week's post in the future.....
  • it doesn't have to be a long lost memory, it may just be from last year;
  • maybe it will be a vintage postcard or a retro styled cup in a shop..
  • or a special little thing you do in your house that might become a traditon for your children in their future...
  • it might be just your news this week which fits the theme and you can put it down for posterity..
To make it easy we will use the term 'nostalgia' for my prompts..though as I said it may just be something happening now which people will enjoy reading or seeing in the future..
The term describes a sentimental longing for the past, typically for a period or place with happy personal associations......In common, less clinical usage, nostalgia sometimes includes a general interest in past eras and their personalities and events, especially the "good old days," such as a sudden image, or remembrance of something from one's childhood. (thanks to Wikipaedia as ever)..
Each month will be a separate theme, loosely associated with the time of year and like the other weeks they would make a nice album, perhaps an accordian book or perhaps you could call it your 'Yearbook' ... let it grow with you, post some pictures, do some layouts, some nice journalling (hidden or otherwise) or save them up and we'll see if it lends itself to a special project... easy does it..again No Pressure..!!
So, for January  ...  the theme is 'New Beginnings' ..
I don't want to give you too many ideas on this first day, it would be nice if you made the words your own..but hints of ..
  • NewYear Resolutions: successes or failures,
  • New Jobs / Terms at School / Uni
  • New Year Sale shopping (New Clothes!)
                                                     ...........................are the first ideas which came to my mind.
I will come back with some news and further suggestions as the week goes by.... I am so looking forward to what you come up with.. add your link below..
Good Luck everyone
Kathi xxxxx

PS Writing on Tuesday evening I can let you all know that my eldest daughter has just added a new baby girl to our family, her third little girl, a sweet 5lb14oz and so so cute.. Annabelle Ivy (we think!)... pic later! xxxx

So here's some more ideas..:
  • a new addition to your family : remembering that 'new arrival'
  • a new job perhaps : those days when you were learning the ropes!


  1. Aww, I was really looking forward to coming over and reading your challenge this morning Kathi. It is brilliant. I shall have a nice week thinking about this. :) xxx Love that photo in Costa and the accordion book looks great....hmm thinking cap on!

    1. Thank you Jen, and for my pal Karen who is joining us and was watching for it at 7.30am.. hope the linky thing is mended.. operator error on my part I think xxx

  2. Gulp, just knew your challenge would take me out of my comfort zone, but one I shall enjoy. Thanks. xx

  3. Chicken! No, it's meant to be easy.. tell us about the secret shoes you bought in the sale or the birth of someone / something.. ;-) xx

  4. Plenty of food for thought here Kathi - I shall be contemplating this whilst I am working today

    Another mini book lol - just as well I love them so much

    Cant wait to get cracking with this one :)

  5. Oh .... I like this one Kathi. Thank you ! After you (talking so much), I am probably a good number 2, lol, so this challenge is certainly going to be a lot of fun for me.
    The accordion book looks gorgeous! Thinking cap already on ! xxx

    1. Thanks Anne, I have to confess the accordion book was from 2009 so not so efficient to have started already.. though April is going to do one for your Silver Lining challenge.. go girls! xx

    2. Wow, that's fantastic news ! xxx

  6. Another peep who has been waiting for this post . So am on my new Kindle so desperate to read as I eat breakfast! Day to myself today so scrapping and blogging is y treat for today. I just love retirement! Thank you for this week. Brilliant!xxx


  7. Will be back with something for this later in the week, great challenge.

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  9. Ooooh Hello - I am here - Borqna (http://borqna-venkova.blogspot.com) sent me over and I am glad I found you. Am now Following you :-)

  10. Congratulations on the new arrival, lots of potential for nostalgia!

  11. Dear KathyJo -
    I am very afraid of this your challenge -
    1 - Nostalgia? - I try to be brave and I play the role that life gives me.
    2 - Here we have much to write and I am a foreigner.
    I trust my feelings and I hope you will understand me!
    Your idea is great! We will read wonderful posts.
    I believe, this challenge will be a great success!
    Thank you for this week.

  12. Thank you everyone for making the week so busy and alive with memories, I am trying to post a round up post so we can show any artwork or layouts we do for this in the days and weeks to come (I will leave it open for a while in case you want to add it later )... xx