Sunday, 29 December 2013

Thoughts on 2014

Hello everyone.. hoping you had a Christmas which was just what you hoped for.. busy, noisy, peaceful, restful, lazy... we all want and need different things don't we!

As I mentioned I thought I'd put together another photo challenge for next year, weekly themes with daily prompts available from Mondays...

have a look here and see what you think...HERE!!

oh and Happy New Year to you all..Kathi x


  1. HI kathi sorry I didn't respond to your last mention about 2014 challenge. Off to look and Happy new Year to you too xxx

  2. I love it and I'm glad that someone threw a bait to 2014!
    Good luck!

  3. Good idea Kathi and Happy Soon To Be New Year ! xxx

  4. Hi Girls, i was reminiscing with Michelle the other day over on facebook about our 365+1 challenge.. yes, i still remember how you were all there for me :) and she kind of convinced me to start a photo a day challenge on facebook.. i know you are doing your own 52 word challenge, but i thought maybe some of you may want to join us as well? I dont want to tread on any toes, so please forgive me if i should not be posting this! Our blog page is here: and the facebook group is here: It would be lovely to see some familiar faces joining in :) and im sorry i didnt get my head around the 2013 challenge you all did

    1. Hi Nicky.. shall go find you! kathi x

  5. I've read the new blog and I will be joining in. Thank you.