Monday, 23 December 2013

Quote Challenge - December - Hosted by Lynne

I am feeling sad as I plan this final quote challenge. I have started and stopped many times with the planning of this as I tried to find an ideal quote for this special Christmas week.

It seems to be the end of a very different friendship we have made over a year. 
Helen and I already knew each other before this challenge, we have met and are in the same UKS team. 
I have met up with Viv and Roland and I am sure we will continue to remain friends! 
Of course I met Joy and Thadd several years ago and this friendship continues though we live so far apart. 
I have spoken to Anne on the phone and I am sure in 2014 we will meet as she lives within driving distance to me!  Peter and I plan to go west for a holiday in 2014 so that embraces Kathi, Karen and Jenni I hope? 
As for meeting Borqna and Kristina I never say never as I am sure I will meet you both one day

So now my Quote.... It is a song from Gloria Estefan called ‘Christmas Through Your Eyes’

Til I had you, I didn’t know I was missing.

I had to grow up and see the world through different shades of time.

Give me one more chance to dream again

One more chance to feel again, through your young heart

If only for one day, let me try.

I want to see Christmas through your eyes.

I want everything to be the way it use to be,

Back to being a child again, thinking the world was kind.

I want to see Christmas, Christmas through your eyes.

I see rain, you see rainbows hiding in the cloud.

Never afraid to let your love show

Won’t you show me how?

I want to learn how to believe again

Find the inner sense of me again, through your young heart.

Help me find a way, help me try..........

This week as we celebrate Jesus’ birth I will keep this easy and simple. I would like you to blog a photo(s) taken on Christmas day with our without any other blogging as I am sure our computers maybe having a holiday too!!

I will sadly leave you with this quote from Delia Smith a devote Catholic who has written a book called A Feast for Advent which is not a cookery book!

“On Jesus’ birth a new light shone out in the darkness then
and now that light is firmly established in Heaven.
Anyone on earth who sets out on a journey in search of God
will be lead by this light – the light shines for everyman who walks in darkness.”  ~  Delia Smith           

May you all have a joyous and peaceful Christmas and a healthy and peaceful 2014. 

God Bless and much love 

Lynne xx

PS: My apologies, I don't know why there is this white surrounding some parts of the text. I didn't manage to remove it. Anne xxx


  1. Great last challenge Lynne ! xxx

    1. Thank you Anne for posting this this morning xxx Don't worry about the white wasn't copied either!!
      Christmas magic :)
      I am packing now and we leave for our 4 day Christmas break this afternoon

      Will have my computer so will try and post xxx

  2. Yes a great challenge Lynne, thank you. Very excited at the thought of a possible meet up next year. xx

  3. Thank you Lynne for all your offerings and for this last lovely quote.. it will be a pleasure to see you when you 'come west' next year and hope we can all keep in touch with our news as they year goes on. I am proposing to run a weekly '7' picture challenge next year so if anyone has ideas and would like to join I would love to hear from you on : Post the 7 word prompt on a Monday and people can drop in or out daily as they like, I would be happy to administer but I am guessing it may be a big ask to think of 52 '7s' on my own..xx
    have a lovely time with your holiday crew Lynne and Peter x

  4. a lovely last challenge lynne. Wishing everyone a wonderful 2014!

  5. Great last challenge, Lynne.

  6. Can't believe I'm the first one to post

    1. Do not worry!
      Happy Christmas!
      Be healthy!

  7. Great last challenge, Lynne! Thank you!
    /Many thanks for the lyrics.
    A person begins to learn a foreign language when he begins to understand the song/
    Happy Christmas!
    Be healthy!

  8. Great last challenge Lynne. I too hope we all remain friends. I will be glad to participate in a new challenge for this next year and will let KathiJo know. I hope you had a wonderful Christmas.