Monday 16 December 2013

Nostalgia~ Christmas festivities.

Well we got here! It's December and the last month of our weekly challenges. Some of us have been busy, others have had holidays and some of us had big decisions and changes in the year. But we are pretty much intact and hopefully all looking forward to a few festive days coming up!

I do hope we stay in touch next year, even if just sharing thoughts now and then. I have a feel to do a daily or weekly challenge, I have found doing a daily pic in December not so hard as writing lots. I wonder how everyone else feels...maybe twelve of us could each take on a month of daily prompts?  Or suggestions for a week of days.. colours, trees, clothes.. what do you think?  I would be happy to administer it here and set it up maybe once a week if you like?

So..Christmas nostalgia!

Let's share this week the traditions and routines you have in your family.

Are they carried on from your parents or have you started them since you were married or had children?  Is there anything you do which you really wish you could change!

A few prompts for the week if you don't know where to begin:

  •  Decorations & trees
  •  Shopping!!
  •  Food and cooking
  •  Songs and carols.. best and worst!
  •  Children's nativities and school events
  •  Present stories.. best and worst?!

I will be posting my daily pic during the week and hoping to add some of my stories too..

Have a lovely Christmas and a healthy and peaceful New Year .. Kathi xxx


  1. Nice one Kathi, I am happy to help out with prompts next year.xx

    1. I haven't chatted to Jen or Anne yet but wondering if we can keep this site.. maybe call it Lucky Sevens in 2014?

  2. Brilliant idea Kathi. I would hate us to loose touch. I would be able to help with prompts.

    1. I agree, I think if we did weekly prompts still but easy words or phrases so you can work on them daily or as a week..thank for the offer, that's me, you and Karen so far... x

  3. I think that over the past months I have definitely won the nickname of " Miss Linky ".
    I just added one to your post Kathi ;-)
    I surely will try to tell about French traditions, xxx

    1. Anne.. you know, I clean forgot.. I think I wrote it on my phone so that's how it went past me.Thank you xxx

  4. I would love to continue as well. Doing a weekly pic or something that requires less time typing would definitely make it easier on everyone. Maybe the colors idea or even letters of the alphabet, or days of the week with a different monthly topic. It is all a great idea.

  5. KathiJo thank you so much for the wonderful 2013 challenges. It is hard to find time and follow but the feeling at the end of the year is wonderful. I am in for something similar in 2014. Merry Christmas to you and yours!