Monday, 9 December 2013

Let's reflect Challenge - December

Hello everybody,

here we are, reaching the end of our challenge.

It's a bit of a mixed moment for me, like when I was happy reaching the last day of school and leave for holidays but I also knew I was going to miss my friends.

I remember when I lived in Germany, we were taking part to a technology fair in Hanover, every year. It was a lot of work to prepare and the fair was 10 days long, 11 hours work a day for us exhibitors. It was extremely tiring and we couldn't wait to go back home, but on the last day, each year, I remember everybody having tears in their eyes because of the strong bond with our neighbor exhibitors and we all would soon go our own way again.

I read recently that each ending is also a new beginning
and that's the way I want to see our little group.

For this last month, we have once again something special because December is such a special month. December is a month of celebrations, be you religious or not, a month to spoil children a bit (or a lot), a month in which we might reflect and think about other people in the world who aren't as lucky as we are to have a roof on their head and food on their table, a month in which people try to forget their differences, a month in which we try and go that little extra mile to make our loves ones know how much we love them, spend a bit more money than we should, eat of bit more than we should.

December is all about sharing.  For some of us, December might be a bit more difficult, because of the loss of loved ones, but the biggest wish of these loved ones surely would be to be remembered but at the same time see us happy, so we should honor them by enjoying this beautiful time.

Our word for this week starts with a G, but it is in fact a group of words :

Go for it

May be you can take some pictures if you already started decorating your house, or bought a couple of presents, may be you just want to blog about what Christmas means to you, may be Christmas is specially a big deal for you this year, may be you will be celebrating Christmas on a different day in your country, whatever your situation, tell us your plans and share your excitement.

I wish you all to have the most fabulous time for Christmas and all you wish for 2014. I hope we find a way to still keep in touch next year.

Take care everybody, xxx


  1. A lovely challenge for the end of the year. xx

  2. It is a sad moment for me that the year is finally almost over and the challenges are coming to an end but your challenge is a good way to celebrate the time of year and your last week.

    1. We are all clever girls, Viv, I am sure we keep in touch one way or another, xxx

  3. Today I read and cry.
    Great topic. Thank you, Anne!
    Here - I'm ready to Monday.

    1. Today in Bulgaria celebrate St. Anna -
      Happy name day, Anne! I wish you much joy, health and success!

    2. I wrote it thinking of you Borqna. A very merry Xmas in advance ! xxx

    3. Oh, thank you, I didn't know it was a different day in Bulgaria. In Europe St Anne is on July 26th. May be I can manage to have 2 names days, then ! xxx