Monday, 1 July 2013

The View Challenge: July

Well done to Lynne for getting us back into blogging a bit more last week. I have been thinking about photo a day again for next year. I have swung from using my iphone for nearly all my photos last year to using my big camera nearly all the time this year and not taking many snaps. So I think I will either host a photo a day challenge or find one I like. Not sure yet, but I would like to find a better balance between the 'big events' and the 'little things'.

I am using the lovely poem from Sara Coleridge as usual.

The Months
January brings the snow,
makes our feet and fingers glow.

February brings the rain,
thaws the frozen lake again.

March brings breezes loud and shrill,
stirs the dancing daffodil.

April brings the primrose sweet,
scatters daisies at our feet.

May brings flocks of pretty lambs,
skipping by their fleecy dams.

June brings tulips, lilies, roses,
fills the children's hand with posies.

Hot July brings cooling showers,
apricots and gillyflowers.

August brings the sheaves of corn,
then the harvest home is borne.

Warm September brings the fruit,
sportsmen then begin to shoot.

Fresh October brings the pheasants,
then to gather nuts is pleasant.

Dull November brings the blast,
then the leaves are whirling fast.

Chill December brings the sleet,
blazing fire, and christmas treat.

During the week I went up to tackle the next part of my self-imposed challenge to walk the South West Coast Path between Ilfracombe and Braunton. We started at our front door to tackle the first bit.
 It has left me pretty ashamed about how infrequently I leave my front door and get onto some of the most stunning cliffs a mere few minutes away. I look at the backside of these cliffs every day, I walk around this side but just haven't got over the other side and I am bewildered at why not! So I have been up there every day since at 6am to get my fix of the sea, peace and quiet (and exercise), before I go out into the madness of school run, work, etc... 
I now have plans to get up there as many mornings as I can, and if not in the morning, go in the evening. 
Looking at it from the viewing point right at the top I think it is a point where you can actually see the sunrise and sunset from the same point. There was a thick sea mist rolling in.
I will be testing it over the next few days and weeks, if the sun co-operates. I know where the sunrise is, I just need to get up there for sunset.

 I know that these aren't gillyflowers, but they are very pretty and Mum is investigating what they are. Viv, do you know?

Ok, i'd love to see your view photos if you have time?


  1. Beautiful views, Jen. In France, as kids we used to call these flowers "exploding bags", because if you close them at the top and you "explode" them, they make a funny noise. I know, stupid kids game but for my defense that was 50 years ago ... I am sure Viv will come up with a much better description,

  2. I have some flowers like these but with different leaves will take a photo and put on my blog, rather remiss these last few days which have been spent outside all day and not on the computer!!

    I agree and Viv and I have said it is easier to do daily than the challenge we set this year, mind you have just dropped doing FSM daily photo challenge as I was fed up of doing it. I seem to be in a funny mood at the moment!!!

  3. I missed Sunday and yesterday as I couldn't get near the internet but I will catch up.
    I'm afraid my brain has gone awol at the moment as far as the flowers are concerned It's a case of I know what they are but I can't remember the name. Something like Bladderwort, I think.
    We are down in your neck of the woods this week, staying South of Bideford. We're here til Monday. It would be lovely if we could manage a quick coffee sometime.

  4. Does anyone know what gillyflowers are?

  5. Awesome photos, enjoy your walks and snap many more!

  6. I got it wrong about the flower Jennie. It is nothing like a bladderwort it is Sea Campion. I looked it up on the net in the end. I should have recognised it as I have Red and White Campion in my garden and the petals are just the same.