Monday 15 July 2013

Nostalgia Challenge: Food Glorious Food.

Well isn't this weather glorious! Even with brilliant sunshine and perfect 'school holiday' climate we English still talk about the weather! I have been so elusive from blogland of late, just so much going on and all my good intentions seem to evaporate as days run into one another!  I am going to make big effort to come back to it this week, but meanwhile here is my challenge..

Early in the year when I planned a rough idea of the monthly prompts I had favourite places down for July but we have all shared stories of holidays and homes which have included places, so I am tweaking it a little, but I am sure some of you will be able to link favourite places from your past with this weeks theme...

............ tell us about your nostalgic memories of food!

Summer salads and fruit always makes me think of when I was about ten years old, my Mum would work from 8 til 1 and I would quite often make her a salad on a plate..just as she usually did for me. She always said it was so much nicer eating a salad someone else had taken the time over, instead of throwing it on a plate yourself.  Now I feel the same and this every evening Jordan made us a lovely salad we have just eaten with jacket potatoes.. thanks hun!

As a kid salad for me was very basic but now we big it up with everything from raw mushrooms to jalapeƱos and anchovies..and good old Heinz salad Cream has been replaced by Pizza Express dressing, or if I have some 'Sally's Hot Sauce' from Helzephron Herb Farm!

I also have horrendous memories of salad from school.. I had to hide grated carrot in mash to even begin to eat it for school dinner, it still makes me retch..!!

So come on, tell us about your memories of food from your past, here's a few examples:

  • special treats
  • comfort food from childhood
  • school dinners!
  • family recipes
  • traditions 

And a few picture favourites to start you off.. 

Col's favourite Domino's Vegaroma with extra jalapeƱos, 

fruit for breakfast,

 and anniversary tuna nicoise salad he cooked me back in April!

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  1. Kathi how strange that my quote next week was food connected, may have to rethink later on this week!!

    Thank you for your week x

    1. No, why not just develop it, if everyone is on food mode it could run for two weeks.. have just mega blogged.. !!!

  2. A subject after my own heart.