Monday, 8 July 2013

Let's reflect - July

Hello everybody,  

so we are officially in summer now. I don’t know if you really noticed the change where you are, but here in the south of England, excepted a heavy hayfever that really annoys us and some incredibly hot days out of the blue, it is still pretty dull and wet.

But hey, no reason to complain,  on July 5 1978 it was recorded 9.1 °C in Okehampton (Devon), so let’s be happy with what we’ve got . . .

That’s the problem with preparing posts in advance. Since yesterday it’s hot like anything, lol.
Today we start the second part of our Let’s reflect challenge with Lining and our first word starts with the letter L.

I chose : 


If I had to be this word’s advocate, I would say it’s a very misunderstood and misjudged word because the first thing that pops in mind regarding Lucky is about game, playing, gambling but Lucky has so so much more to offer as we can have so many reasons to be lucky.
So this is your challenge for this week. Tell us about your lucky moments, your lucky people or your lucky charms.


  1. Great! Thank you very much, dear Anne!
    This morning, on my way to work I was thinking about your word with "L". I was very curious about this.
    We will have a happy and enjoyable week!

    1. Thank you Borqna, yes I hope we all have a great week ! Summer has surely arrived here !