Monday 20 May 2013

Nostalgia Challenge.. Party On!

Here we are again at Week Three, I can't believe how the months are flying by. Col and I have been lucky enough to have a few odd days away and it has really made up for the lack of good weather and the chance to get the boat in the water, but it has also made the weeks just fly by!

We are very home based this week and next as we are playing host to a bunch of family and friends who are coming to us for Colin's 50th Birthday... to be honest it is his birthday early June but we wanted to celebrate over a Bank Holiday weekend to add to the sense of 'party' and also so we all had the extra time to recover!  
Zac was due to be away on his ship by now but they have kept all his cadet cohort back a month so they can be at the naming of the new 'Royal Princess' in June, so it is all working out nicely. 

So we are at my prompt for May..' Party Memories'.... tell us about some of your special party memories.. they can be a long way back to your first birthday party memories or as recent as a good party for New Year or a wedding in the past year.. all you have to do is share the memory, the laughter.. or even the tears!

  • childhood birthdays
  • weddings
  • graduations
  • college parties (!!)
  • milestone celebrations .. 21st / 40th / 50th birthdays or anniversaries
  • fancy dress and themed parties.

One of the best do's we had in recent years was Col's folks' Golden wedding, so many friends, family and colleagues over a few days; it was so good, we had fishing trips, cream tea afternoons and fish & chip suppers.. everything to make a memorable time..

I will pop in and out and say hello, and say sorry too for being a little elusive the past couple of months.. maybe getting my house back to normal will help me settle back to blogging more regularly.. oh and if Zac goes to sea it's a better incentive too, to keep him in touch with life at home! 

Add you links here.. party on my friends xx


  1. Wonderful topic and great post, dear KathiJo! Thank you!
    I think we will have again an interesting and fun week! Good luck to all of us!

    1. Thanks Borqna,I am trying to be 'here' this week for everyone x

  2. Great topic. My birthday is beginning of June too, although I am afraid I already passed 50 ;-) We will have a party with my parents and my in-laws but only but only in 2 weeks. It would have been ideal but I will try to find something else. xxx

    1. Well if you are like me that means 'on time'..I still owe May views, but hey i never was destined to be early! Thanks Anne x

  3. Hi Kathi, thanks for this week's challenge, we are back and feeling rejuvenated..long may it last!! I have the whole of May catch up to do so hopefully will get round to yours before the end of the week :)

    Good to know building is coming on well and that this weekend will be a great big party. A early Happy birthday to Col and good news that Zac will still be around!

  4. Happy Birthday to Col :) Thanks for popping by and saying hello. I have found it very hard to keep everything going, as well as going back to work full-time I have had a major project which has been a nightmare and trying to keep things going with the kids and just finding time to keep Project Life going has been hard enough!
    I'm ok it is what it is, but safe to say, I was much happier part-time :)
    I'm glad you are well and I will try and join in next week when I am on holiday. xxxxx

    1. If you can ever venture this way, still always welcome.. with trampolene to amuse the boys while we gas! xx