Monday, 13 May 2013

Let's Reflect - May

Hello everybody,

welcome to Let’s Reflet May !

What a sudden change in the weather we are having. After miserable weeks of cold and rain, we had a couple of gorgeous days and it makes such a difference to the mood ! The sun is shining, the grass is greener than ever, flowers are blooming.

( May be you will have noticed I started working on my challenge some days ago . . .  as it has been miserable weather since then ).

When it's my turn at Lucky Snapping, I always say that time passed by so quickly and I've been so busy . . .  well it didn't change much this month but I would like to concentrate on something else : Although our little group has a bit of struggle, we all manage to keep in touch even if a bit more loosely. For some of us, it has now been almost a year and a half we do that. I think it's worth mentioning because it's great that people from 4 different countries (if I am not mistaken) , people who with a couple of exceptions, have never met, enjoy so much each other's company.  
I very much appreciate following what you are up to.

Back to business :

 This month, our word starts with an “E” and to celebrate this beautiful weather (or bring it to you if you are still stuck with grey skies) , we have a happy word :


You most certainly know what this word means, but here we are :
  1. Take delight or pleasure in (an activity or occasion).
  2. Have a pleasant time.
Each time I travel to the States, wherever I go,  I notice there are 2 things the Americans constantly say: Take care and the other one is Enjoy. Especially this second word, they use every 5 seconds for any kind of occasion, so I assume it’s part of their way of living, what certainly is a good thing.

This month, I want you to tell me what you specially enjoy.  Some psychology gurus say that it’s important to have a secret place where you feel happy and when you close your eyes you can go there.  That’s a nice thing to do but there are also thousands of other things, little or big we can do for good, that make us happy.

So what do you do that makes you enjoy life : Do you dive into your favorite hobby, do you meet friends or family, do you go out, do you watch a good movie, do you bake, do you play with your pet or your kids…

What's this thing you do that makes you say at the end of a day or a week-end " I enjoyed my time so much ".
There are so many ways to be enjoying and celebrating life, what’s yours ? 

I can't wait to see what you will come up with.

Take care everybody, Anne xxx


  1. Hi Anne
    I like it! And I think once again it will lead nicely into my nostalgia prompt for next if we almost planned it! Col is away for few evenings so I am going to visit everyone and play catch up big style!
    *Karen has had trouble 'getting on'to the blog and sends apologies for that.. hopefully she will get here later x

    1. Nice to have you here, Kathi. We are all really playing catch-up these days, aren't we? I don't know what's happening if Karen can't access the blog. I didn't change anything though. I hope she will be able to later.

  2. Thanks for the prompt Anne. I'm still working away on my art journal and hope to have some to show you soon.

    1. Nice to have you here, Janice. Looking forward to seeing your art journal. xx

  3. It is great that we still keep in touch and I hope we will do so for a looong time.

    1. Nice to see you here, Viv.I am sure we will ! xx

  4. Wonderful topic!
    We all - that our challenge is great!
    Now we really don't have time - but we'll come back and read what was written, right?

    1. Glad you like it Borqna. Show us what you do in Bulgaria !!! xxx

  5. Hi Anne I am back in the WiFi world again getting my fix on the 9hr ferry from St Malo to Portsmouth and finally playing catch up on the last 2 weeks while we ENJOYED Bretagne!! How apt was your word this week and how easy for me to play catch up if my laptop let's me since the connection is faulty, I thought it was the battery but who knows it is working today with free wifi
    So pleased you are still around even though intermittent! Love to you all xxx

    1. Nice hearing from you Lynne. Glad you had a nice time in France, you surely will have plenty of photos to show us ! xxx