Sunday, 19 May 2013

Let's Reflect May - End of the Enjoy Week

Hello blogger friends,

I hope it's only the end of the challenge week but you will continue to enjoy life. 

If we are lucky enough, the weather could turn around and the sun might even show a bit of his nose again.

Thanks to everybody who participated. May be it's just in my imagination, but I have this impression that we are all busy but try to share our time so everybody organizing a challenge gets some participants.That's really nice.

Tomorrow will be Kathy's turn. She said my week was nicely announcing hers, so let's see what she will surprise us with.

I will see you again for another let's reflect challenge on June 10. 

In the meantime, take care everybody, 

Anne xxx


  1. Thank you Anne read all your week now and on to Anne's then to read and blog catch up bigtime. Had a wonderful 2 weeks on Bretegne week 1 north Le Granit Cote Rose and last week SW Cote d'Amour Nr Benodeot. WE love France, a wonderful country

  2. You need to share all your photos Lynne to show how much you enjoyed your holidays. Hope you had a better weather than in the UK, though Bretagne is normally not known for its sunshine ! xxx

    1. Will do Ann think that will be my enjoy! Loved the 2 areas and photos will show you what the weather was like!

  3. Thanks Anne for another lovely week.

    1. thank you for being part of it Viv. xx