Friday 22 February 2013

Affairs of the Heart 3: Love Songs.

... thanks to everyone for dropping in and sharing their Valentine's thoughts, old and new, also some lovely chat and I think there was unanimous agreement that we should be now classed as Blog Friends Forever!

I may not get back here before the end of the weekend, but then again I may!  I thought I would just add in a little extra thought..

.. why not tell us one of your favourite Love Songs..and I would just love to hear if there was a story behind it. before link it into the orginal post here!


  1. I just love your heart,Kathi.

  2. Yes, your heart is fabulous. This prompt spoke to me right away and hit at pretty much the only traditionally romantic thing about our relationship!

  3. I feel kind of guilty now when I read your com nets, I looked up Love Songs on Google images and this one took my fancy

  4. Great image Kathi, great idea for a prompt too :) xxx I apologise if I will be late with this as I went back to work full-time this week and the boss is away and I am also working tomorrow extra so I haven't done very well this week, sorry Kathi. xxx

  5. Yes, your heart is fabulous! BRAVO!
    /I presented a different perspective - I hope that you will understand me./