Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Affairs of the Heart 2: BFF

Just an additional prompt for anyone feeling like writing a little today. 

I know some of you have struggled with the initial Valentine's theme so why not tell us about your first BFF, Best Friend Forever; you know, the little girl you sat beside in your early years at school.. or the boy who held your hand in the dinner line..or even the kid you always argued with but then you were big pals in 'high school'

... maybe there was one person in particular who broke your tender heart, or who you would love to see again.. or maybe someone you are back in touch with many years later, thanks to Facebook or Freinds Reunited?

There, that should give you food for blogging!  Have a great day in this beautiful weather! K xxx

PS Ooops I have forgotten to add our Linky Friend so to save confusion, let's just link into the first day prompt xx

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