Monday, 18 November 2013

Nostalgia..the autumn season.

Hi everyone.. as I hang my head in shame for not blogging in the last 5 weeks. Whatever came of me? Well I stayed busy at work and home, that darned new kitchen extension turned into a refurb on the old kitchen space which is almost done! It would be done if it were not being used as a workshop for the bathroom refurb which is long long overdue.. imagine a bathroom 17 years old, used lots by up to 8 people a day.. and which had a leak we did not realise.. mmm, grim.. no before pictures for sure!

But December should see me with a computer and Picasa back in place and blog central restored!

Oh and I am also away on a weeks holiday with Colin.. we plumped for Tenerife as the priority was for good weather.. and that we have.. home on Wednesday and as I write on Sunday evening I hope the G& T's are not marring my fluency.. haha.. they may even aid it!

So.. Autumn Nostalgia..what does it hold for you? Let me give you a few suggestions..
  • The change in the hour.. love it or hate it ..and why?
  • Do you have memories of walking ankle deep through sycamore leaves as you search for Christmas twigs?
  • How did you celebrate Guy Fawkes Night?
  • Or Hallowe'en, is that the Autumn highlight for you ?
Tell us about how the run from School starting in September to that Christmas rush was marked in your childhood home, or how it is now for your children..

For me the days between starting school again in September til November 5th were filled with plans for Guy Fawkes Night.  We bought fireworks from the travelling grocery shop which came to our fishing cove twice a week. We stored them in tin boxes and when allowed by our Mums we compared who had what and how we might persuade our Mums to get us a bigger and better firework!

Us children all collected papers and wood for a huge bonfire at my cousins house and his Mum would host the bonfire night and we would all bring food.. my resounding memory is of Auntie Val, the host, carrying out sausages on sticks on a tray but being chased by a Jumping Jack someone let off.. by mistake? Not so sure that was the case!

Looking forward to catching up with you all later in the week.. I so owe you all some comments and at the very least my November views!

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  1. Nice challenge Kathi, hopefully will have something for this one. xx

  2. Saw you were away on FB :) Have a lovely rest xxxx and thank you for your week xx

  3. Glad to see you are almost back to normal

  4. Have a lovely holiday Kathi and enjoy your new bathroom. Hopefully I will get something posted!!! xxx

  5. Hope you enjoy your nice weather and will come back with new energy !