Monday, 11 November 2013

Let's Reflect Challenge : November

I can't believe we only have 2 words to finish our Silver Lining. This year will have passed by so quickly.

By the way, I recently watched the movie Silver Lining. If you can, watch it too. It's very nice and refreshing. It takes a bit of time to really start but then it's really worth it.

This month, we have something special again, something to love ourselves and the others even more.

I traveled a lot in my life and it developed a strong taste for adventure in what I do or let's say used to do (getting older now, lol) and also for what I read or watch.

There is a French TV game series called Pekin Express, may be you heard about it, I am absolutely addicted to, in which competititors cross the globe with challenges of hell.

Last year I watched a US series called Expedition Impossible. You can read it about it here :

They were in teams of 3, crossing Morocco with challenges like mountain climbing and crossing rivers ... some very hard stuff. In one of the teams of 3, there was a guy called Erik. He did everything like his colleagues. I had missed the first episode and the presentation of the teams but a couple of minutes inside the one I watched, I realized he was completely blind. He had to rely on his colleagues, when he was to jump from 10 meters into a river or run downhill or be on a galloping horse...

This guy was so amazing to me that I researched him and if you go here :,
you can read about his life. He is the first blind person to have reached the summit of Mount Everest (29,029 ft), he also climbed Mount Ararat (16,854 ft) and the Seven Summits (the highest Mountains of the 7 continents). This guy has since become an inspiration to me and the living proof that on one is allowed to say
"I can't do it". So to honor him, I decided that our word this week would be the name of his team during Expedition Impossible :

             NO LIMITS

So that's what we are going to talk about this week and you don't need to have climbed the Himalayas to take part.

No Limits is only about you, about what you achieved compared to what you thought you could achieve.
If you are scared to death of cats and you managed to touch one, then it's part of No Limits, the same way somebody else would wrestle with a lion.
If you went back to school at 40 to learn a new profession or get a better degree or even simply for fun, then it's part of No Limits.
If you managed to feed many people on a very low salary, then  it's part of No Limits.
Anything you have done and you didn't think you could do, or anything you do without counting, tell us about it because you are a proud member of the No Limits club.
If  you want to talk about somebody else, family member or personality you admire, please do so.
No Limits also applies to a trait of your character or an ability you have . . ., to the dedication to some people in helping others . . . 

Can I say there is no limits in what it covers, lol ?

I offered my Dad his first PC for his 70th birthday and that's when he started learning what computers were. Of course I got some panicky phone calls at the beginning but he made it and at 90, he still uses it now and then and I am so proud of him.

This week, it's all about us and about the people who inspire us. You are somebody special, just tell us about it.

As of photo challenge, if you have some time, let's play with the word Limits. Take some pictures of open spaces or at the opposite of enclosed places.

I am looking forward to your entries. Anne xxx


  1. Thanks for this Anne, as a person who likes to challenge herself and encourage others to challenge themselves, I really like this one and looking forward to what everyone comes up with. xx

    1. Thank you Karen. I hope you will have fun with this one. xx

  2. Great challenge, Anne. I'm looking forward to doing this one.

  3. Well I am the opposite of Karen I do challenges that I know I can succeed with but really don't put myself in these situations often, think I might struggle with this one :( xx

    1. Hi Lynne, it doesn't need to be a challenge of something you do. People can do a lot of things naturally with No Limits, like laughing, being kind ... xxx