Monday, 21 October 2013

October Quote Challenge.

October Quotation Week
As I write this today I am getting over with ‘freshers flu’. Sorry Anne I didn’t finish your challenge 
As you know from my blog I have been delivering some cookery lessons to Freshers at Brighton Uni Hastings Campus hall of residence.  Last week at each session there were coughs and sneezes...and yes they did spread diseases to me!! 
I went to bed on Sat night as ‘fit as a fiddle’ and woke during the night with a cough and a temp by Sunday. I have sneezed and coughed felt poorly but no sore throat or runny nose, very strange. Thank goodness I am on the mend and hoping Peter doesn’t catch it before we leave for Italy for 8 days on Tuesday!
My quote for this week in October are 2 quotes on Laughter. I liked them both!
  • A laugh is a smile that bursts” ~ Mary H Waldrip 1907- 1998
  • “ Remember you don’t stop laughing because you grow old,
  You grow old because you stop laughing” ~ Anon
An interesting website 
It says “ we are passionate about laughing. It illuminates life. It is refreshes and invigorates us, enhancing our everyday world. Laughter is the icing on the fruitcake of our existence and too good to leave to chance.
Can you remember the last time you had a good belly laugh?”
What makes you really laugh? Do you laugh as much now as you did when you were younger?
Show us some photos of what makes us laugh or you laughing, not just smiling.  I might find this difficult as I rarely laugh out loud...never have!   So I will be showing you what makes me laugh!

Sorry that I won’t be commenting on your blogs next week but will play catch up when I come home and will blog next Monday before I go!
Love Lynne xx

All fine now Ladies , I added a linky and for people who need glasses like me, it's in bigger letters ! Anne xx


  1. Sorry to hear you feeling so rough, hope you feel better very quickly. Lovely challenge. :). xxx

  2. Thanks Karen I am recovering and Peter is half way, we fly tomorrow with coughs LOL!!!

  3. I do hope you get well soon. The Italian climate will be good for you. Have a good flight and an even better time!

  4. I wondered what had happened to you, Lynne. I actually thought you might have gone away and I had missed you telling us. So sorry you have been ill. I remember getting every bug going when I first started teaching but wouldn't have thought it would have happened with older students.

  5. Sorry you have been under the weather. When I was working I would catch everything every student walked in the door with. College kids are the worst because they think they are invincible and will not miss class so they bring all of their germs along with them. Enjoy your trip. Hopefully you will feel even better once you get to your destination and rest a bit. Take care. xxx

  6. Thank you very much, dear Lynne for quotes and this post!
    You touched my heart!
    I will begin the week of Lynne with a smile, hoping to finish it with laughter!
    With God's help!
    Enjoy your trip, Lynne! Have a good flight!
    I wish you a nice time and good memories!

  7. Have fun, Lynne. I have been there and it's beautiful ! xxx

  8. Is there a linky or am I being blind?? xx

  9. Karen, you are not blind. I expect someone will put one up soon.

  10. Thank you very much, dear Anne - you are gem!

  11. Thank you very much, dear Anne - you are gem!

    1. Please excuse me for repeating.
      I will not be online the next few days.
      / I'll be in my mother's apartment. There's comp./- very old!/,
      but isn't internet./

  12. Thanks Anne, I don't need to get my magnifying glass out now.