Monday, 14 October 2013

Nostalgia~ A Giant Leap!

Well here I am again, apologising for my lack of chat and blog posting. I can't believe that a month has passed so fast. I have excuses : a trip to visit family and friends in Washington, my boy arriving home the same day as us, still more works going on indoors getting the now non-kitchen back to usability and plenty going on in our business world too.

Part of my reason for being a bit off the radar brings me to my Nostalgia prompt for this month (the list still remains 'misplaced' so I am bouncing off the current affairs for this ..

The kitchen PC has been moved whilst we re-organise and Col treated us to a Windows 8 touch-screen laptop to use there instead.  Then at work we got phone upgrades and (with eyesight not what it was) I plumped for a 'Phablet' / tablet, otherwise called the Samsung Galaxy Note 3. It is the size of a thin housebrick but is just fab..I am quite an excited bunny.

All this technology got us chatting in the office last week..and here's my Nostalgia question for everyone this week:

Tell us about the biggest lifestyle changes in your lifetime..

Tell us how things changed for you from how your Mum lived.. 

It doesn't have to be technology but this is the kind of thing :

Back in my childhood we did not have a telephone of our own. There was a red phonebox about 50 feet from my house and we used to give that number to anyone who needed to contact us. With no TV and so much less noise in the house (no brrrr of the fridge, no constant rumble of a washing machine) you could hear the phone if it rang, through the quietness of the evening air,.. not unless the Archers was on the Radio.. or the Shipping News, both of which were avid listening for a market gardening / fishing family in West Cornwall.

21st Century browsing in the shops..
Fast forward 30 years and I had my first mobile phone, another five and our first computer (the NEW Windows 95 to replace that MS-DOS thing I never did have to get to grips with), then another 20 years and we find ourselves with mini computers / phones / cameras, all with touch screen that amazingly our 2 year old grandchildren expect to be touch screen, even the TV!   

Music is the same.. Vinyl 45s have given way to cassettes, CDs, mini discs and now downloads.. but who of us can remember the 8-track stereos like the one my Step-dad was so proud of in his car in the mid 70s?

We always seem to think that our parent's generation had seen the biggest changes, the growth of the motor car, planes and the increased mobility and experience this gave our families but the speed of technological advance makes me feel like we too have seen a revolution of our own...makes me feel that I have to stay on the proverbial bus or I will find myself sitting at the bus stop waiting in ten years and find the buses don't run any more!

I hope there is something we can all share; the stories of our parents getting to grips with new things, our own experiences or the questions our children ask us that show just how much things have changed...

Here's the linky thing.. love to all  Kathi xxx


  1. Not a toilet photo of you is it Kathi???? lol. Nice challenge, shall see what I can come up with :) x

    1. No it was a bathroom showroom in the States and I wanted a pic of the lights.. !! Not got access to many pics at moment on pc so it was the closest I could find.. x

  2. Hello KathiJo!
    The picture is very interesting - I like it very much.
    I like the lady next to you and that of a photo is someone else - a mystery! The reflection in the mirror, lights, windows - well done!
    The theme is very nice, but it is difficult for me.
    I watched these movies a few days ago and they are my first proposal for your challenge:
    "A Giant Leap!".
    /Vargala is my classmate. He actually managed to make his dream - a reality!/
    Have a nice week!

    1. Ahh, the lady is my friend who took me to the bathroom store near Baltimore.. puzzle solved x

  3. Great theme KathiJo, that doesn't make us younger though, LOL. xxx

  4. KathiJo, I remember the days of the phone box.

  5. Thank you kathi, where does time go??? I never finished Anne's challenge last week and this is the first opportunity to read your challenge this week...and it is Thursday, which reminds me it is my challenge next week whilst we are away in Italy eeeek!!