Monday 17 June 2013

Nostalgia Challenge: Off on Holiday!

So, it's Week Three again and we are almost half way through the year! I have been less bloggy than I would like, but hopefully that is good for me because lots of things are happening and I like nothing more than to be in the thick of things!

You may know that we have had a long awaited extension to our kitchen done of late and this means we haven't had a holiday in a couple of years.. oh, but I will be in that kitchen everyday!  And we will all enjoy the extra light and the family space it has made for us!

Holidays ... ahhh, do you remember when the summers were longer, the evenings were balmier and the summer holidays from school went on and on and on...

.. so tell me about them..I am sure they will be many and varied..tell us about your holiday memories from your childhood or the ones you have made for your own children..

here's a few ideas, I am sure you will have a story or two:

... school holidays when the sun shone! breaks which made maximum memories, be they good or bad..

 (here is a good memory of mine of a less than successful few days on a canal boat .. the pictures are so much better than the reality!!)

... seaside holidays and city breaks

...improvised holiday days at home 

... your first holiday / first flight / first trip without your family treats and holiday disasters

...holidays for special events... and this one is for me this weekend.. for Christmas Lisa bought us tickets to see Robbie Williams next Tuesday in Manchester so we are leaving home early to make time to see some pals before the night...oh and sure enough, the weather forecast is for heavy rain and we are in a my space for news of how that works out!

Looking forward to reading all your stories.. wallow a little in the nostalgia of it and enjoy yourselves this week everyone.. xxxxxxxxxx


  1. Well well, cant wait to see photos of the finished kitchen extension.
    Holidays, interesting topic, pity it's becoming such a foreign word to us, lol. I am sure I can dig out some things from before ... xxx
    PS: Enjoy Robbie Williams !

  2. This will be a good one for me. I have lots of holiday memories.

  3. I too have a lot of holiday memories :) Thank you Kathi xxx

  4. Sorry my last post should have gone on Lynnes challenge but the link is now closed.

  5. I asked Toni / N9/ to participate here - these are pictures from holidays in Bali. There are also happy Bulgarians!
    Please check out her blog - she is very talented!
    Many thanks for the great topic!

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