Monday, 10 June 2013

Let's reflect - June

Hello everybody,

This month is an important one for the Let's Reflect challenge, for one reason :

We are finishing the 1st word : SILVER.
YEAH !!!

So, after :






our word for this month is :


What a nice word I hear you say. I agree, that’s a word I love too, mainly because it’s not on my To Do list very often, not to say almost never.

It’s a fact that at the time I am writing, my parents just left after spending 10 days with us and as much as I love them, I need a bit (A LOT) of quiet each time they leave, LOL, so what a better time than this one to relax !

Something I love doing to relax is for example playing with the girls. It's great to teach them some new things and as they are eager to learn, it' always a guaranteed pleasant moment for us 3.

So what do you do to relax ? I am not going to spoil it by enumerating all what one could do and you certainly have a pretty good idea of what the word “ Relax “ means, LOL, so you will be able to talk in length about your experiences.

I cant wait to read what you have as new ideas for us all.

Take care everybody, Anne xxx


  1. Thank you Anne for a lovely easy word for me as I spend my days of retirement relaxing!!

    Oh and by the way a belated Happy Birthday xxx as I realise that it was when your parents were here!!

    Hope you can relax for a few days now all the visitors have gone?

    Lovely photo of the girls and you, playing a game???

    1. Thank you Lynne. Yes, playing a doggy board game. There are little treats under the brown squares. To get them, they need to remove the bone between them and then depending on their position, push or pull a square to release the treat. They absolutely love that. Only difficulty is to explain to the girls the concept of : You only play when it's your turn, LOL.
      Trying to relax a bit yes ( I am so old now...), but got severe headache today. Actually still in my PJs !! xxx

  2. Thank you Anne!
    Happy Birthday!
    You are N1!!!

    1. Hey, thank you Borqna, nice to have you here ! xxx