Sunday, 9 December 2012


Here it is then, our new home for 2013. It seems like no time since we were getting excited to start 365+1.

The first 'official' post will be on New Year's Eve *gulp*, it is so near. It will outline what will happen for the first few weeks so that if there are any challenges that you like the look of you can start planning and getting yourself organised if you like that sort of thing. I do, so for those of you like me, that will help. I am not so good at getting it done mind :) For those of you that would just like to wander by and see what is happening and join in more 'organically' then you can totally do that too. My hope is that all of us 365+1'ers can find something they can enjoy, join in most of the time and that will keep us all together. I hope we find a few others that will want to join in as well so if you know someone that might enjoy it then please encourage them to come along and see.

I think the thing that I will have to get used to is the fact that you don't 'have' to, or 'need' to take a photo every day or a new photo every week if you don't want to and I would actively encourage you to share and be proud of any older shots you have that you can use for prompts/challenges etc.

By the same token, I am so thrilled with the fact that I have taken a lot of photos this year, I have taken a lot every year since I got my 'big' camera and I have taken so many many more on my phone this year (which will be one year old on New Years Day!). So for those of you that love this aspect of it don't worry, there will be plenty of 'daily' prompts i.e. a word that you can interpret. Hopefully we will cover all the things that you love in some shape or form. 

So in a nutshell (although as you can see I can't explain things very quickly!).
We will have a weekly prompt starting every Monday. That will give you a prompt or challenge for the week that is photography based. We will then have some prompts through the week which may expand on the idea, give you further challenges or just be a prompt to get you thinking.

But you know what? If you just want to upload the photos that you have taken that day or that week and tell us what is happening in your world then that is totally the right thing too. And of course we will all love that. 

Ok, if you have any questions, leave them as a comment and one or other of us will get back to you.


Pre-challenge Challenge!

Tell us how many photos you took this year.
You can use most photo software to sort your photos by date and it should tell you.

That is the challenge, now I think there ought to be a prize. So for the person that makes the nearest guess as to how many photos we took as a group they will win a scrappy prize.

To make it fair these are the rules and guidelines:
1. Join as a follower on this blog.
2. Leave a comment on this post that you are joining in the challenge by December 24th, Christmas Eve 11pm.
3. I will then post on this blog on December 26th, Boxing Day with who and how many people are joining in so you can make a 'more' educated guess.
4. You then have until December 31st, New Year's Eve to make your guess. You need to leave it as a comment in that post (which I will remind you of then).
5. The nearest guess will win, in the event of a tie I will ask use a tried and tested form of decision making...toss a coin or pull out of a hat. 

The prize will be both photography and scrappy based...details to come.


  1. I will be a follower and join in the challenge.

  2. Well done on the new blog, looks great...I have followed and will do the challenge :)

  3. I am a follower too and will do the challenge!
    I'm very excited and cann't wait of thestart of this new project
    Lucky Snapping in 2013!
    Good luck!

  4. I will try to do the challenge too ! xx

  5. Count me in but my photo number will be vey aaproximate! Thanks for your work on this Jen x

  6. KathiJo, is this the challenge you wrote to me about? Since I am new to this but excited, I have a question. Will I come to this site to get the prompt?

    1. Hi Joy, yes, it is the blog and if you keep an eye in the next few days it will be explained more. (This initial challenge is just so we can guage interest from other who have blogged the 365+1 year) The real challenge / blog will start 7 January with a new prompt each Monday and some ideas during the week if people want to expand on it.. I will tell the others you are joining so they can visit and say hello! ;-)

    2. Actually Kathi, the real challenges start on Dec 31st/January 1st with Jen, then it's me on January 7th and you are 3rd on January 14th ! If something changed, I missed it ! xx

  7. Just checking in for the New Year challenge, looking forward to a different format that, I hope, will push my creativity but be a little less pressured than a photo every day. Thank you for all your hard work getting this set up.

  8. Thanks for everyone's hard work in sorting this out.

  9. Thank you for this I'm really looking forward to our first day.

  10. Okay, now I am confused (which my husband says is not hard to do LOL). When does it all start?

    1. Hi Joy today probably when you wake up! Nothing up yet, but I have chosen my view and taken a photo today, we do have all week to decide view and how often
      great you are joining us, need to find your blog now :)

  11. Woops Ididn'tpost here LOL!!